NARIOKOTOME, Site Of The Turkana Boy Discovery Future Vintage Phygital Collectible


Location of Discovery

Lake Turkana, famously known as the Jade Lake from the turquoise color of its water, sits in a broad shallow basin situated between the Ethiopian highlands to the North and Kenyan highlands. Lake Turkana is also one of the northernmost of a series of lakes that lie in the great rift valley, the giant continental trench that runs south from Tanzania and into the Red Sea in the north.



    •  Fit: Oversized fit
    • Garment Construction: Side-seamed 
    • 100% Cotton
    • Weight: 8.5 oz
    • Tightly Knitted HEAVYWEIGHT Jersey Short Sleeve Tee
    • Embroidered QR Code



    XS + S = Size 1  

    M + L = Size 2   

    XL + XXL = Size 3 


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